Thursday, April 23, 2020

5 Reasons Why Couples Break Up And How To Prevent Them

The only thing permanent is change, and relationships are no different. This is mostly due to the fact that people are dynamic beings. We change to suit our environment, and having a person so close to us most of the time is enough of a stimulus to make us change ourselves even more.
But if you got into a relationship and want things to stay the same all the time, you might run into problems later on. Sometimes your loved ones start doing things you don't enjoy. Maybe they suddenly got interested in interpretative dance or fantasy football, and you don't like to do either of those. This can pose a problem to the relationship.
Those are only one of the few things that can make or break a relationship. If you want to keep the bond that you've started and helped it grow, know how to beat these 5 things that can cause relationships to break apart.

1. Different values and needs

Being two different people, most couples have differing opinions and views. One of you might enjoy shopping sprees while the other would rather save it all in a bank account. A more common problem when it comes to different needs is the need for sexual pleasure. More often than not, one of the people involved in a relationship will have a higher sexual drive. This difference could cause arguments on whether his or her needs are being met or not.
Noted psychotherapist Jeremi McManus states that the main reason for these issues is because of the different value systems they were introduced when they were kids. Take for example a wife who has 50 pairs of shoes but keeps on buying new ones. She could've been raised by her parents to be a bit looser with cash.
According to McManus, the most effective way of circumventing this problem is to listen to your spouse. Hear what they have to say and try to see things from their perspective. Once you take the time to see if that the things they perceive are necessary is of no harm to you or your relationship, it really gives you a better understanding of the situation.

2. Bringing up pasts arguments and emotional triggers

We all go into a relationship in the hopes of fulfilling our need for love and affection. But as anyone who's been in a relationship can tell you, there will be times where you and your partner will argue due to the simplest of misunderstandings. Conflict is natural in a relationship, but having the same argument over and over again can really prove to be taxing to both parties involved.
Psychotherapist and founder of the Couples Center in San Francisco Gal Szekely state that the problem is not knowing what emotional triggers are.
According to him, these are the "buttons" in our psyche that when "pushed" makes us react to a particular stimulus more intensely. For example, your spouse might have been raised in an environment where they could spend as much money as they wanted to. So when you fight over finances, they will most likely be more triggered every time you mention how much of an unnecessary spender they are.
The key to avoiding this issue is to know your partner's emotional triggers. Get to know them and understand why they would act the way they do. When you understand what makes the emotional trigger happen, you can address the real issue and avoid escalating future arguments.

3. Giving up

It takes two people to form a relationship, and it takes these two people to work together to keep their bond strong and healthy. But when you or your spouse decides to give up and call it quits, it won't take long for the relationship to fall apart.
The main reason why people give up on their relationship is that they feel like their needs are no longer being satisfied. This causes us to stop working on the relationship and to focus on ourselves. This can lead to the negligence of the relationship's well being, and eventually, you and your partner will break apart.
The only way to cure this problem is "to learn how to communicate your needs and desires without it coming off as demands" says Kim Bowen, relationship counselor and founder of the online relationship counseling site, the Marriage Place.
Instead of demanding your wants and needs to be met, try asking your partner nicely. For example, if your husband is always out late, instead of berating him for this, tell him that you love him and really wish that they could be home earlier to spend more time with you. This way, it will become more like a wish that he can grant rather than a demand that he is forced to do.

4. Not knowing yourself

People often think that problems in a relationship are because of a lack of communication. But what most of these people forget is that communication is not only limited to what your partner has to say. According to Debi Maldonado, life coach and co-founder of the Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology, people, most people think that the problem is with the partner instead of the reflection of themselves.
When we have an argument with our partner, we often see their response as directly related to our own issues. But sometimes, due to our own willful ignorance of how we truly feel, this can lead to misunderstandings. So long as we do not know what bothers us, how can we expect our partner to help us?
That is why the best way to cure this problem is to have a deeper understanding of ourselves. Maldonado elaborates that for a healthy relationship, you should take a step back and see if the same problems that plague your relationship happens in other aspects of your life too. When you finally see the real issue, you'll know what truly bothers you. Then you'll be able to sort things out with your partner.

5. Gradually drifting away from each other

Lastly, the biggest threat to a long and happy relationship is the couple growing apart. This has happened many times. You wake up one day and you no longer have the same interests. You begin to ask yourself, when did he or she change? Where has the man or woman that I fell in love with gone?
This happens because people change. When you don't pay close enough attention to your partner, you won't notice it until it's too late.
That's why the best way to avoid drifting apart is to keep working on your relationship. Never let it stagnate or becoming dull. You can do this by going to new places with your spouse, or taking a few lessons and enjoying a new hobby together. If you want to keep change from destroying your relationship, you must go with the flow. If you sit still and do nothing, you'll find your relationship slowly being eroded away like a rock in the middle of a river.
Be with your partner and change with them. See them not only as of the person you fell in love with but as the person you will continue to fall in love with every day until the end of time.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Husband & Wife Wow Crowd With Their Silky Smooth 1950’s Routine

  Dancing with its connotative meaning as an expression of love, led some couples to be passionate with it.   Let me mention the real-life couple, Henric and Joanna Stillman. Both dance professionally and taught in some of the biggest cities around the globe. They were teamed up in the year 1997 and since then, they have been dancing as one and won so many titles together.   The video featured the couple dancing swing. Swing dancing has come a long way since it was launched in 1920’s Harlem. This dance style has captivated the interests of many dancers. As a result, different venues around the world hosted a swing dancing event. For instance, the Happy Stomp Festival 2016 was held in Granada, Southern Spain.
  This event is an opportunity that the couple did not afford to miss. The video showed their heart and passion for dancing during the said event, as they impressed the audience with their twist, turn and swing moves. The couple was moving and dancing as if they were one. They did not just give the audience an awesome performance but they left them with memorable moves that will forever be etched in their minds and definitely in their hearts. That moment was so impressive and so inspiring as well.
  Aspiring dancers will learn so many things upon watching the video. Although the moves were quite difficult and complex, yet, it could be learned. Just like a perfect dance routine, before it became perfect, there were many mistakes that each dancer went through.   However, the dancers did not give up; instead dance as one with their hearts into it, leading them to be breathtakingly amazing on the dance floor. Upon seeing the video, we perhaps ask ourselves “how did they find time in there to breathe, with all the twirling, jiggling and fast flipping!” Well, it’s definitely because their heart and soul are into it; they became one with the dance and they danced as one.
  Audience and viewers can definitely say that this swing-dancer couple always strives hard for the best not giving up to anything that hinders their success. They stand as one, dance as one, as a result, they gained a number of titles in the field of dancing. Let us take this video as our guide that whatever we do in our lives, may it be dancing, teaching, writing and any other field that we are into, let us go all-out, do our best and not give up to any single obstacle that may delay our success. Yet, let us take each difficulty as a challenge. And if we feel that we cannot make it because we are alone.
  Well, don’t be because you can do it. Just remember that being single doesn’t mean that you cannot dance alone. You can dance at your own tune. Just simply put your heart into whatever you do for sure you will become one with it. If at some point you can feel that you are dancing with all the passion in your heart that you are doing your job with happiness, then that’s the time that you can say that you are dancing as one with what is in your heart. Dancing with your partner or not, does not matter at all. What matters most is that you are dancing with your favorite tune; that you are dancing as one with the thing you are most passionate about.

Incredible Moment when a Woman Gave Birth While on Their Way to the Hospital

  What would you feel if your wife (if you’re a man) or you (if you’re a woman) suddenly started to give birth while you are on your way to the hospital? You must have been bewildered, confused, disturbed, startled, and happy yet panicking inside the car, right? You probably might have felt a lot of emotions rushing towards you, but everything would have felt alright the moment that you saw your baby crying while on your arms.
  There are a lot of instances in which a woman would give birth in a car, an ambulance, or even on a bus or train. Some even had to give birth while celebrating New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and even Christmas Day which is considered all in all a blessing for everyone.

  A lot of parents even had to name their babies related to the events in which their baby was given birth to. Like for example, your baby was born on Valentine’s Day, so you’ll end up using the name related to Valentines, such as Rose, Juliet, Romeo, Valentine, Venus, Cupid, Love, Heart, and even Eros.

Did you know that there are two (2) types of childbirth?

1. Vaginal Delivery

  Vaginal Delivery is the most common way of giving birth and it involves three (3) stages of labor. These are the shortening and opening of the cervix, the descent, and birth of the baby, and last is the delivery of the placenta.
  On the first stage which is the shortening, it will last from twelve (12) to nineteen (19) hours. The first stage will only begin when the pregnant woman feels that her abdomen is cramping a bit, as well as the back pains that could last to half a minute which would occur from every ten (10) to thirty (30) minutes. Once the cramp pains become much stronger over time, that’s where the second stage will go through.
  On the second stage (birth of the baby) it could take from twenty (20) minutes to two (2) hours. Since the second stage is about the birth of the baby, the pushing stage will start in which contractions may happen while you’re trying to give birth to your baby.

  And the third stage (delivery of the placenta) can take to five (5) minutes to thirty (30) minutes. On this stage, since the baby is finally born it is generally recommended to delay the clamping of the umbilical cord for at least a span of one (1) minute. Why? It’s because the professionals can treat small risks of jaundice (or icterus, yellowish or greenish pigmentation of the skin, as well as whitish pigmentation of the eyes which is due to the bilirubin levels.

2. Caesarean Section

  Caesarean Section is only recommended for those that have cases of having twins, the breech position of the baby, as well as alarming signs of distress of the baby. It’s just that having this kind of childbirth could take much longer to heal than the Vaginal Delivery.
  Sounds tough right? But giving birth to your own baby could really make you feel accomplished and fulfilled. Yes, you are tired, but when you get to hug your baby, all those fatigues that you felt while giving birth will surely fade away.

The videos below will surely amaze you on how this woman gave birth while they were on their way to the hospital!

Here's another (clearer) one!

Young Little Angel Gets Emotional to Andrea Bocelli Song

  Nowadays, one of the most powerful media being consumed by everyone has been music. May it is adults, teenagers or even kids, we all have been living with music throughout our years. From a wide variety of genres, music has moved us throughout the ages. The melody each has made imprints in our souls, have made a huge impact on our hearts and mostly have given theme songs insignificant points in our lives. It might have been sung in a different language, sung in a totally different tune, or might have used another type of genre, but the message will always live on.

  The beauty of music never leaves other types of media as well. It has been used in different entertainments, in dances and even plays or shows. These days, no movie has ever been released without a theme song or track of songs played over and all over the movie. Even television shows have used music to gather audience as well. The same goes for this popular television show for kids. And what’s so amazing about it is that it caught this little girl’s attention and even brought her to tears.

  One of the most popular television shows for kids long ago was “Sesame Street”. You could see that blue wobbly eyed “Cookie Monster”, the tall and huge yellow “Big Bird” and the very popular red puppet named “Elmo”. This show also came along with guests some times, and one time, they got to invite Andrea Bocelli as a guest for the show. With his classic, “Time to Say Goodbye”, the Sesame Street crew decided to remake it to “Time to Say Goodnight” to make it more appealing and suitable for the show. Just like any kid would do whenever parents say it’s time to go for bed, they would unwillingly follow the rules no matter what it takes. That’s how we used to respect our parent’s decisions before. Same goes for this show, the fuzzy red Elmo seems to have no plans on falling asleep. Andrea tries to sing him a lullaby to tuck sweet Elmo to sleep.

  On the other side, mom was filming from start to finish as her daughter was busy watching the show. She was enjoying it and was fascinated when Andrea started singing. The way he sang has drawn out the little girl’s tears. At first, she was curious and focused on the song. She was watching attentively as Andrea started singing with his angelic voice. The song just speaks right through one’s soul that even brought this little girl to tears. She was pouting minutes after the song has started. She looks so cute with her reaction to the song in the show. She was pouting and looks at her mom from time to time.

  The poor little girl was moved by the lullaby and broke into tears at almost the end of the song. Mom held her closer and gave her a hug while saying, “Poor baby, come here. It’s okay.” She was such a young girl with a deeply loving soul. The little girl’s reaction was heartwarming. May we be soft-hearted as her and live a loving life.

Dad Singing Duet With Baby Girl Grabs Mom's Attention

Parents got different ways to bond with their children. Some go somewhere out of town while others do picnics at the park. Some parents stay at home, prepares some dinner and snacks then start the movie marathon together with his family. Some parents even go to dancing class to bond with their children in a totally different way. Some do karate or kickboxing or even plays instruments with their children. Just like any dad, Aaron Hills tries to bond with his new baby girl through music.

Aaron Hills is seen in the video holding his little baby girl. She looks at her daddy with love in her eyes. And as her daddy started to sing, she listened attentively. He started to sing a song from Disney's Official Sound Track from the movie Alladin which was "A Whole New World". The little baby girl was just caught amazed by how her dad sang the song. She usually nods and listened to her dad. Aaron continued singing and hitting the high notes. It's not just the little girl whom he caught stunned by his voice, but also us. He sang in such a perfect voice, that probably had the little girl's attention. On how amazing he sang the song. Minutes after, she started singing with her dad.

Keeping up with her dad, the little baby girl continued singing with her oos and aahs and sounds we barely could understand. She continued singing that made it sound like she and her dad was singing in duet. This was the first duet the two ever had since her birth. When her dad reaches the chorus, she'll pause and stare back at her dad with a smile on her face. Still, in awe and amazement on the beautiful voice, she had ever heard. While mom was busy filming every moment they were having from her dad singing alone, and her mother busy watching the whole scene. Who won't ever get mesmerized by such a beautiful voice? She smiled at her heart's content and looked after her dad with amazement printed in her eyes.

Who else wouldn't enjoy such a beautiful scene? This cute little baby girl would probably turn to as a little daddy's girl. It could be seen in her eyes how she enjoyed the song as her dad was singing it with her. She was moved by the song and even tried to cope up with her dad singing. She sang in duet with her sad. And probably in the future, she would hear more of her dad's singing and when she grows up, she might just be the next singing sensation.

It was such a very adorable and cute scene seeing the two, Aaron and his little baby girl, singing as a duet. That moment was priceless and luckily her mom captured everything in her camera. See how the little girl sang together with her dad and how she enjoyed every moment of it. She was smiling all throughout as her daddy was holding her as he sang. Surely, they would have more bondings and sing in the future.