Sunday, April 19, 2020

Husband & Wife Wow Crowd With Their Silky Smooth 1950’s Routine

  Dancing with its connotative meaning as an expression of love, led some couples to be passionate with it.   Let me mention the real-life couple, Henric and Joanna Stillman. Both dance professionally and taught in some of the biggest cities around the globe. They were teamed up in the year 1997 and since then, they have been dancing as one and won so many titles together.   The video featured the couple dancing swing. Swing dancing has come a long way since it was launched in 1920’s Harlem. This dance style has captivated the interests of many dancers. As a result, different venues around the world hosted a swing dancing event. For instance, the Happy Stomp Festival 2016 was held in Granada, Southern Spain.
  This event is an opportunity that the couple did not afford to miss. The video showed their heart and passion for dancing during the said event, as they impressed the audience with their twist, turn and swing moves. The couple was moving and dancing as if they were one. They did not just give the audience an awesome performance but they left them with memorable moves that will forever be etched in their minds and definitely in their hearts. That moment was so impressive and so inspiring as well.
  Aspiring dancers will learn so many things upon watching the video. Although the moves were quite difficult and complex, yet, it could be learned. Just like a perfect dance routine, before it became perfect, there were many mistakes that each dancer went through.   However, the dancers did not give up; instead dance as one with their hearts into it, leading them to be breathtakingly amazing on the dance floor. Upon seeing the video, we perhaps ask ourselves “how did they find time in there to breathe, with all the twirling, jiggling and fast flipping!” Well, it’s definitely because their heart and soul are into it; they became one with the dance and they danced as one.
  Audience and viewers can definitely say that this swing-dancer couple always strives hard for the best not giving up to anything that hinders their success. They stand as one, dance as one, as a result, they gained a number of titles in the field of dancing. Let us take this video as our guide that whatever we do in our lives, may it be dancing, teaching, writing and any other field that we are into, let us go all-out, do our best and not give up to any single obstacle that may delay our success. Yet, let us take each difficulty as a challenge. And if we feel that we cannot make it because we are alone.
  Well, don’t be because you can do it. Just remember that being single doesn’t mean that you cannot dance alone. You can dance at your own tune. Just simply put your heart into whatever you do for sure you will become one with it. If at some point you can feel that you are dancing with all the passion in your heart that you are doing your job with happiness, then that’s the time that you can say that you are dancing as one with what is in your heart. Dancing with your partner or not, does not matter at all. What matters most is that you are dancing with your favorite tune; that you are dancing as one with the thing you are most passionate about.

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