Sunday, April 19, 2020

Young Little Angel Gets Emotional to Andrea Bocelli Song

  Nowadays, one of the most powerful media being consumed by everyone has been music. May it is adults, teenagers or even kids, we all have been living with music throughout our years. From a wide variety of genres, music has moved us throughout the ages. The melody each has made imprints in our souls, have made a huge impact on our hearts and mostly have given theme songs insignificant points in our lives. It might have been sung in a different language, sung in a totally different tune, or might have used another type of genre, but the message will always live on.

  The beauty of music never leaves other types of media as well. It has been used in different entertainments, in dances and even plays or shows. These days, no movie has ever been released without a theme song or track of songs played over and all over the movie. Even television shows have used music to gather audience as well. The same goes for this popular television show for kids. And what’s so amazing about it is that it caught this little girl’s attention and even brought her to tears.

  One of the most popular television shows for kids long ago was “Sesame Street”. You could see that blue wobbly eyed “Cookie Monster”, the tall and huge yellow “Big Bird” and the very popular red puppet named “Elmo”. This show also came along with guests some times, and one time, they got to invite Andrea Bocelli as a guest for the show. With his classic, “Time to Say Goodbye”, the Sesame Street crew decided to remake it to “Time to Say Goodnight” to make it more appealing and suitable for the show. Just like any kid would do whenever parents say it’s time to go for bed, they would unwillingly follow the rules no matter what it takes. That’s how we used to respect our parent’s decisions before. Same goes for this show, the fuzzy red Elmo seems to have no plans on falling asleep. Andrea tries to sing him a lullaby to tuck sweet Elmo to sleep.

  On the other side, mom was filming from start to finish as her daughter was busy watching the show. She was enjoying it and was fascinated when Andrea started singing. The way he sang has drawn out the little girl’s tears. At first, she was curious and focused on the song. She was watching attentively as Andrea started singing with his angelic voice. The song just speaks right through one’s soul that even brought this little girl to tears. She was pouting minutes after the song has started. She looks so cute with her reaction to the song in the show. She was pouting and looks at her mom from time to time.

  The poor little girl was moved by the lullaby and broke into tears at almost the end of the song. Mom held her closer and gave her a hug while saying, “Poor baby, come here. It’s okay.” She was such a young girl with a deeply loving soul. The little girl’s reaction was heartwarming. May we be soft-hearted as her and live a loving life.

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